Season 16 Saturday: The Steaks take the championships. Oh, and we’re holding a fundraiser with them.

Good time of day, Agents – our plans are coalescing, our votes are being cast (see below for our vote slate), and in general, though we did not get the ribbon, we (as usual) win.

The Steaks Come Out On Top

The Dallas Steaks have won their first championship! The Steaks are the smallest team on the Discord, and definitely one of the smaller fanbases. I’m genuinely happy for them.

As to us? We were almost all the way down to the wire. We barely managed to top the Ohio Worms in game 5 of quarterfinals, and the Chicago Firefighters edged us out in game 5 of semifinals. We were so close, but. Uh. Let’s just say there’s a reason our election slate involves Becker Solis getting voted out (see below).

Next time. Definitely next time. If we can close up that last hole in our rotation. And don’t get redacted or reverbed too badly. And the random numbers smile upon us. And –


Spies only. If you’re not a Spy, please remove your glasses (if applicable) before opening the spoiler so you can’t see what’s going on here.

Decrees: Community Chest and Gift Baskets polled about equally well, but don’t spend too many votes. We need those votes for…

Blessings: Psychic Blood. We don’t know exactly what it does, but firstly, we want it because theme, and secondly, blood blessings have historically been quite powerful.

Wills: Move Becker Solis to the Shadows Rotation and Transfuse Sosa Hayes’ pitching. Inconsistent pitching is where we fell flat in the playoffs; Becker and Sosa basically threw the games they were in. Also, Sosa stands to benefit more from a Transfuse than Becker does.

More details and alternate picks, are available, as usual, in the various Discord channels.

A Steakout

The Spies are holding a fundraiser (like, a fundraiser with actual real life money for an actual real life issue) in partnership with the Dallas Steaks to stand against a deeply anti-trans bill that has been filed in the Texas Congress. (I won’t go into details here, but, uh. Bad.) It’s scheduled for May 8 – keep an eye on Spies/Steaks twitterverse for further details and updates.

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