Season 14 Friday: The league mourns York Silk’s death. Receiver shenanigans. We personally witness the first Consumer attack.

Our present position is just barely (circle one) into/out of the postseason. As per usual.

The San Francisco Lovers, who still have Fitzgerald Blackburn, are in fourth seed in the Mild League, though. If Fitz returns to us with a championship, we’re throwing them a party. Not a Party Time party, mind you, we can’t have those. But a party.

filed by Agent O

Another Death

York Silk is dead.

This… this wasn’t the job I signed up for. I mean, I’d seen the archival footage of the original Blaseball, from before. The Peanut breaking people and littering the field with their hollow shells. The incinerations. And I knew intellectually that this was a bloodsport. I just didn’t realize how personal this was going to get. Or how much would happen so quickly.

I had to take a bit off. Put my mind back in order.

But enough editorializing.

Another Scandal

Due to out-of-universe cheating, the Front Office has seen fit to revert some stadium modifications, so as to make the modifications the ones that actual fans put their coins in for, and not, like, the couple of people who cheated themselves multiple millions of coins.

I say we should count ourselves lucky that the Coin is already gone, because if this turned out to be like the Strikes the Peanut used to declare against us, we would have been in a lot of trouble.

Receiver Shenanigans

So remember how all the Wyatts Mason have been echoing modifications? Turns out that Receivers can, in turn, echo some of the modifications that the various Wyatts Mason have themselves echoed. These include “Alternate” and “Elsewhere”.

Also, Wyatts Mason continue to cancel each other out and become Static in every game they play with each other. Now, here’s the thing: as part of Receiver shenanigans, Wyatt Quitter got Receiver replaced with Echo. And subsequently canceled out against another Wyatt Mason. Wyatt Quitter, the one who shelled Denzel, the one who I couldn’t blame for reenacting their trauma, is lost in the Static.

Meanwhile, NaN once again flickered, and is on the Tigers now. In NaN’s wake, Rivers Rosa has been put on the Ohio Worms, and Dunlap Figueroa is now on the Chicago Firefighters.

filed by Agent Pony

A C Full of Consumers

Our agents have yet again witnessed a new event. Remember how yesterday’s debrief mentions a blinking red light associated with the Hades Tigers?

Day 86 – bottom of the 7th, to be precise. To be fair, I wasn’t even paying attention until some of my fellow agents messaged me in a panic telling me to check the feed. Nicholas Mora, a batter from the Hades Tigers, has been attacked by Consumers. Thankfully, they were only injured, but the injuries they have sustained may have affected their overall performance.

Also since yesterday’s debrief, two more teams gained the blinking red light upon reaching Low A: the Canada Moist Talkers (RIV York) and the Yellowstone Magic. It seems like the red light is tied to a team’s credit level, which in turn is correlated, though not perfectly, with eDensity. Hopefully, we won’t play well enough for that to matter for us.

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