Season 14 Sunday: Bennett Bluesky for Jordan Hildebert. Becker Solis inexplicably shows up, shadowing Fitz. Off-season instructions.

filed by SK

With the closing of the Season 14 Elections comes, first, the declassification of Operation: Mission Trip, whereby career Spies player Jordan Hildebert will spend the foreseeable future with the Charleston Shoe Thieves, educating their new teammates about the theoretical principles of anarchism off, and possibly on, the field. In compensation from the Thieves, season 14 rookie Bennett Bluesky has now been folded into the Spies rotation, and afforded the requisite clearances of their new position.

Additionally, the Spies did successfully return familiar face shadowy visage Fitzgerald Blackburn to the team following their season-long recovery with the San Francisco Lovers after their extended investigation of the Elsewhere. Spies also wish a long and prosperous career to Karato Bean…unless they should return to the team, under which conditions we welcome them with open arms. However, due to an entirely intentional misfiling of paperwork, Blackburn is currently registered with the Internet Blaseball League as residing in the Houston Spies’ Shadows, with previously-Shadowed player Becker Solis joining our rotation alongside Bennett Bluesky. Becker Solis is not a bad pitcher, and comes with the added bonus of probably being related to Andrew Solis, an OG Spy who is on the Millenials.

Finally, multiple missives from the League itself:

  • An investigation, known as The Investigation, has been commissioned from Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend, and the Stadiums of both the Kansas City Breath Mints and the Charleston Shoe Thieves have been designated Crime Scenes. This is definitely not related to Operation: Mission Trip.
  • League-provided snack boxes are now modular, and can be expanded individually as fans see fit. For a fee.
  • The League will be entering Siesta for a period no shorter than the dimensionally-localized amount of time equivalent to two weeks on the material plane. Fans have been instructed to “touch grass”, “pet cool dogs” and “drink lemonade“. The potential ritualistic significance of these prescribed acts is being investigated.

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