Season 16 Wednesday: Middling works. Attractors batted in. Liquid Friend is… Scrambled?

Hello, Agents. As promised, Middling has completely disposed of the “Wednesday Curse” that I still don’t believe in. In the last unknowable unit of time we have won 17 games and lost 5.

We are now clearly at the top of the Wild League. And who is at the top of the Mild League? The Dallas Steaks, apparently!

Time for a Steakout?

Schemes Afoot

There are numerous schemes for player trades – some ours, some by others – swirling around. I am not yet cleared to tell you any details, but I will assure you that, as the Spies, we know schemes well. Some of them excite me, some of them confuse me, and some of them worry me. And no, I will not tell you which is which.

Nonfatal (?) Attraction

Several players with Attractor – which is to say, previously Redacted players who have shown up out of Secret Bases – have been batted onto teams. Every single one has been put into their corresponding team’s Shadows:

  • Yesterday, Brisket Friendo to the Baltimore Crabs.
  • Nagomi McDaniel to the Miami Dale.
  • Chorby Short to the New York Millenials.
  • Forrest Best to the Dallas Steaks.
  • And Liquid Friend to the Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

The ones with Unstable, unfortunately, are still Unstable. And we still have no idea what that means.


Liquid Friend, alas, has not returned unscathed. Having once been Hard-Boiled, they are now Scrambled. This means that they are no longer able to serve as a detective – remember, the crime scenes could only be investigated by Hard Boiled players. Deeply worrying.

A filing that claims to be from Agent Melon (a filing that I personally doubt, given that the Alternate modification has recently disappeared from their player card for no clear reason,) reports that Liquid Friend has been seen sitting in deep shadows, staring at their shaking hands. Despite being given our information, Friend has yet to reach out to us. We could use the information they gathered to help with investigating this whole redaction thing… and we could help them.

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