Season 16 Tuesday: Glitter and Salmon as weather, just how good Middling is, and our desire for Psychic Blood.

We have new weather, and with it new mechanics!

So far we have won 12 games and lost 8, and Middling just kicked in, so we’re overperforming throughout the midseason. And remember, many of our players already perform above their stars…

Lōotcrates (but pronounced like Loot Crates)

Glitter weather exists. You remember the thing I described as a field of stars a couple days ago? Yeah, no. It was actually glitter.

Glitter weather comes with a chance of microplastics equippable items dropping from the sky… such as inflatable sunglasses for Fitzgerald Blackburn? O…kay then!

And because we’ve found that items can be used to fight off Consumers, equippables are (so far) generally positive. No idea if it’ll stay that way, but we can hope.

Salmon Laugh At The Fabric Of Time

Salmon weather, which started showing up at the beginning of this threeson, apparently exists to taunt the Salmon Institute for Blaseball Research. When salmon swim upstream, they reset things. Often innings, sometimes the runs in the inning as well, and – something we discovered this season – item durability.

And because we’ve found that items can be used to fight off Consumers…

(Oh, also, SIBR has been keeping track of how many runs salmon have reset. There have been games where the salmon stole more runs than either of the teams actually scored. By this metric, salmon have won several games.)


As we got the Middling blessing last election, we are now Overperforming, which at this point very nearly guarantees that we’ll make it to the playoffs. We will still have to perform in the playoffs fair and square, but absolute assurance that we’ll not have a slump is exceptionally useful. (And considering that our tiebreaker place/Divine Favor is 24, if we squeaked barely into or out of the playoffs like with our usual win record, we’d probably end up losing.)

And to be clear about exactly how good Middling is, our batting lineup currently averages more than 5 stars each.

Coin and Vote Shenanigans

For ballpark renovations, the first thing we want is a cleanup, for certain – the second renovation we still have no consensus on, so I guess you can put your coins into whatever you think best. Note that the renovations everyone had the chance to get (and thus, the renovations that may end up connected to the plot) are Sweetener and Salmon Cannon. Get an apple and you will be able to see what the percentages on which renos are winning, too.

Wills aren’t set in stone at the moment, in case we get consumer’d or something, so check back later for those.

As to the blessings –

We want psychic blood.

We want psychic blood.

Even if psychic blood does absolutely nothing, we still want psychic blood. And, like with Grass or Electric or Love blood, it’s likely to have an interesting and thematic effect. Will we be able to predict where to field a ball from, or which pitches to swing at, or does this do something else entirely? I don’t know. But whatever it is –

Psychic blood is likely to do something that Spies, by all rights, should be able to do.

Something that Spies would already have learned from research and training, or from experience in fieldwork.

Something that would help us win.

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