Season 18 Friday Extra: After how catastrophically that series went, I think we need to perform a postmortem.

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I really shouldn’t file more than one of these debriefs a day, but after how that series went, I think we need to perform a postmortem.

Spies lost. I’m going to get a citation for saying that. I don’t care. I cannot !@#$ing say that something like this is winning.

The Way Everything Broke


  • we were clear first or second in Wild for almost the whole season, and then lost 8 of the last 10 games
  • we lost all three games against the Dale on days 97, 98, and 99, and if we had won even one of them we would be in second seed and thus the wild card wouldn’t have been an issue, but we had worse Divine Favor despite our Divine Favor being #10 (it was #24 in two consecutive seasons a couple seasons ago)
  • we ended up in a wild card against another Wild Low team
  • we were the first to discover that salmon can rewind Home Field Advantage
  • once in the wildcard round, we didn’t manage to score the runs we needed
  • well, we did score the runs we needed, it was just that all of them were in one single game so we lost the other two

If any single one of those had gone differently, we would be in proper playoff contention right now.


These were also contributors but less clearly so:

  • we were the first to discover that a Consumer attack on a Scattered player was much worse than a normal Consumer attack, thus turning Yrjö from an average player on a team of very good players into a dead weight
  • we’d organized very hard after Emmett Tabby got a kinda garbage item at the last minute (assuming that Caps wouldn’t go to a player who already had a filled item slot… which it turns out they did, due to a bug) to get Reese Clark a good bat as a Gift. They immediately dropped that bat for a cap when the next Community Chest happened, thus making our third Gift utterly pointless

Spies ?

Spies are salty. Most of us can’t even touch the party time channel right now because we’re too frustrated about how we lost. There’s been talk of “jokerfication” going around. I have a nitpick with that, though. If we’re going to turn into anything it’s the Riddler, not the Joker. We do not do chaotic well at all.


We are going to have to re-evaluate what our Gift strategies look like; it seems that Home Field Advantage and Ambitious do less than we thought they would.

Voting strategy is the same. Specifically: Shadow of the Bats (emphasis)/Fax Numbers/Inexplicable/A Natural, Shadow Infuse Sosa’s batting, Foreshadow Sosa for Yrjö. We ran the numbers, and the numbers have not changed.

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