Season 18 Friday: Yet again, we have choked at the end of the season and have just barely scraped our way into the playoffs.

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Yet again, we have choked at the end of the season, after high hopes on Monday and Tuesday, and have just barely scraped our way into the playoffs.

Our final record for this season is 61 to 38. Fourth seed in Wild, currently in the wildcard round of playoffs as I write this. And – as the saying goes – better than the Dale, but not by much.

Wildcard Time

The Boston Flowers are first seed in the Wild League (thanks to their Late to the Party). Tied directly behind the Boston Flowers, with 61 wins each, are the Hades Tigers, the Miami Dale, and… us. (Technically the Miami Dale actually have a 60-39 record, but they have 61 wins because Sun 2.)

The last three games we had during the regular season were against aforementioned Miami Dale. We only had to win one of those three games to be put into second seed. We… got swept, instead. A downer ending to the season.

Because of the way the Divine Favor (tiebreaker) mechanic works, this three-way tie meant we got seeded fourth. And are, at the time of writing this, presently facing the wildcard round. Against the Hellmouth Sunbeams. I can only hope that Reese overperforming helps us get out of Wild Low…

The “pspsps” Pays Off

Comfort Septemberish has been de-shelled! And has a Superallergy, as expected, but we can deal with that.

In blooddrain weather, Denzel Scott sipped a defense star. Finally.

Also — remember Dudley Mueller? It’s doing even better than Avila. This energy drink is ridiculously good. Ludicrously good. Meanwhile, Avila, off on the Sunbeams, partied again.

The Vault

There were three players who got Vaulted this week because of showing up atop the Idol Board five times: Aldon Cashmoney, Goodwin Morin, and Pitching Machine.

Valentine Games has been MVPed four times, and is approaching vault status. What does Val think about this, I wonder? About having an expiration date approaching, slow and ponderous and inevitable? And would other people treat them differently because of it?

Every other death in Blaseball is unexpected. Random chance. But this one you know for certain. This one you can plan for.

Oh, and what does the existence of the replicas, the “collector’s editions”, the funko pops, imply about being Legendary? Do they remember what’s going on? Are they aware that they’re being copied again and again? Or do the replicas always begin with the same exact set of memories, preserved at the moment of their ascendance?

On Voting Strategy

As per usual: if you are not a Spy, I would suggest that you immediately close this browser tab and go eat a banana.

For blessings, we’re looking at Shadow of the Bats (VERY IMPORTANT), Fax Numbers, and to a lesser extent Inexplicable and A Natural.

For Wills, do not vote until we are out of contention in case someone gets incinerated or something, but the current thinking looks like Shadow Infuse Sosa Hayes’ batting, then Foreshadow Sosa Hayes for Yrjö Kerfuffle.

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