Season 18 Saturday: Congratulations to the Core Mechanics for their championship!

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Today marked the finals of the Season 18 Internet League. Our champions from the Wild league, The Boston Flowers. From the Mild, The Core Mechanics. Nobody had predicted this, not even BNN, who we still need to have a word with about the rankings. Where are they getting such classified information? And why are they releasing it, unredacted?

At first, it was tense, with The Flowers taking the first game with a shame at the bottom of the tenth inning, and The Mechanics took the second, again with a shame. The pair took one more game apiece, forcing all five games to be played out. This was a suspenseful final for sure, but The Mechanics rose to the occasion to win the championship, 3 games to The Flowers’ 2.

Congratulations to The Core Mechanics, our S18 Blaseball Champions. That’s win number 4, as they already had three championships under their belt before descension with The Baltimore Crabs in S13. Would it still be ascension as The Core is down….? Our congratulations and condolences to our fellow Wild Low team (Let’s Go Wild Low!), but now all eyes are turning towards the election tomorrow.

After the unfair dismissal of The Tarot Reader, and the awarding of a new Title to The Monitor, The Coin has a lot to answer for in its business practices. We can only hope that idoling Tillman Henderson into MVP is enough to show our displeasure. Tarot Reader, Monitor, Parker(s), if you read this, The Houston Spies union representative is ready to speak with you whenever you’re ready. We also hope that we have interpreted The Plan correctly, and tomorrow pans out as expected. Please see the previous debrief for the full strategy.

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