Season 17 Monday: We hit home runs, and find out what Psychic Blood does.

Good time of day, Agents – so far this season we’ve won 5 games and lost 5. Again. We are always perfectly balanced. It’s honestly kind of funny how always perfectly balanced we are.

Also as usual, the Spies have been hitting home runs left and right. The joke that has been going around is that the Spies play in Dinger City. Whether Dinger City has anything to do with Houston or An Undisclosed Location is unclear.

Chorby’s Dead Again

Chorby Soul was incinerated immediately in game 1. Probably for the best. This Chorby Soul thing is getting ridiculous.

But then, because Instability chains, Luis Acevedo was killed shortly after.

Now the real question becomes… what happens when a Fire Eater is unstable?

Mind Trick

So it turns out that Psychic Blood allows us to turn strikeouts into walks (for us), and walks into strikeouts (for them).

Spies fans have taken to responding to Psychic happenings by showing off bitcrushed GIFs from Men in Black. Thank Dalm for most of those!

As to lore, though, seeing “strikes out thinking” on a feed really lets the imagination run wild – what stunts are the players pulling to get the umpires to let them walk? Did Yrjö hiss at them like a swan? Did Reese claim that if a tomato is a fruit, that makes ketchup a smoothie? It’s all flavor, of course, the Psychic Blood is doing the real work, but it’s fun to come up with these things.

Equally fascinating is imagining how being psychic affects the team’s relationships with each other. Perhaps Comfort’s pregame ritual of fixating on their impending death is suddenly on display for everyone to see…

Speaking Of Lore…

Yeong-Ho Garcia may have a relationship with Bluesky National Park, a Yellowstone anomaly that Bennett Bluesky shares a name with. Several of the Yellowstone Magic have come over to the Spies side server to discuss what is up with Bluesky. This is going on until Wednesday, so feel free to drop by and tell us about how Bennett should have owl feathers or something.

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