Season 15 Wednesday: Receivers temporarily Echo Debt. Uncle Plasma finds traces of coffee. What is Redaction, really?

Hello, Agents. Another unknowable unit of time, even less soul left in Chorby Soul from the constant maulings, even more debt, and even more people mysteriously missing.

We have won 11 games and lost 17. People keep talking about the Wednesday Curse. I can’t imagine why.


So, it turns out that a certain group of Receivers can Echo the “Debt” modifier. There was a moment there where Wyatt Mason X, NaN, Sixpack Dogwalker, and Moses Mason were all in possession of a Debt; counting the two originals, this made a total of six debted players.

Echoed Debt allowed one to force other players into the Observed state via the usual methods (hit-by-pitch; flyout). This has already resulted in NaN indirectly deleting the Baltimore Crabs’ own Forrest Best.

NaN has also stopped being a Receiver… and started being an Echo. And yes, this is the very same Echo modification that made Wyatt Quitter fade into the static.


York Silk of the Baltimore Crabs tasted the Infinite, and Shelled Oliver Mueller of the Seattle Garages.

Chorby Short of the Yellowstone Magic was also Redacted.

The thing about Redaction is that we have no idea what kind of loss it is. Is it the kind someone can come back from? Or have they been erased from existence? It is an uncertainty that makes mourning infinitely more difficult; because there is that bit of hope that absolutely refuses to extinguish itself.


Meanwhile, between games, Uncle Plasma investigated various Crime Scenes: ducking into the Shadows of the teams where the crime scenes were located, and then surfacing and returning to his place on the Millenials, sometimes with new findings.

Apparently, there were traces of coffee. You know, Uncle Plasma, you could have just asked us. We knew that already.

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