Fall Ball 3: Rivers Javier joins us, Malik Romayne drives to Miami, and Plums keeps accidentally passing the Kansas City bar exam.

At the stroke of 21,000 signups, the website gave us another handful of names and not much else, raising questions of how much longer we’re expected to wait like this.

Where The Rivers Flow

Rivers Javier, previously an unseen player hidden deep in the Shadows of the Mexico City Wild Wings, has ended up on the Houston Spies.

Our fans have been pleased with the opportunity to, for once, lore our own player rather than picking up someone else’s. A pregame ritual of “struck by lightning” has resulted in speculation about stormchasing, “borrowing” the van from the .dat (SC1) crew, getting in contact with Bennett Bluesky about sun’s past meteorological data, and being entirely unfazed when Nanci Grackle tried to shoot sun with a beam gun. (And neopronouns that vary based on present weather conditions.)


  • Two more Agents have received new assignments: Malik Romayne is driving xyr taco truck to the Miami Dale to meet Agent Joe Voorhees there, and Plums Blather is currently struggling to fail the bar exam to join the Kansas City Breath Mints.
  • Ren Hunter has been repatriated to the New York Millenials, with which they had previously spent a bit shy of ten seasons. They had previously survived Redaction and Attraction; whether players who haven’t been Attracted yet get to return remains an open question.
  • How comfortable will Mooney Doctor be on the Hellmouth Sunbeams?

Full List

These players have seen play.

  • Justice Spoon – Hawai’i Fridays
  • Chambers Simmons – Seattle Garages
  • Farrell Seagull – Tokyo Lift
  • Mooney Doctor – Hellmouth Sunbeams
  • Malik Romayne – Miami Dale
  • Bevan Wise – Philadelphia Pies
  • Plums Blather – Kansas City Breath Mints
  • Fitzgerald Wanderlust – Yellowstone Magic
  • Erin Jesaulenko – San Francisco Lovers
  • Ren Hunter – New York Millennials

These players have not yet seen play.

  • Daniel Mendoza – Boston Flowers
  • Karato Rangel – Chicago Firefighters
  • Ramirez Winters – Baltimore Crabs
  • Manu Candle – Atlantis Georgias
  • Premjeet Liu – Charleston Shoe Thieves
  • Scoobert Toast – Core Mechanics
  • Fenry Wobin – Dallas Steaks
  • Albert Stink – Breckenridge Jazz Hands
  • James Boy – Mexico City Wild Wings
  • Amaya Jackson – Hades Tigers
  • Denim Alfredo – Ohio Worms
  • Nerd James – Canada Moist Talkers
  • Kit Seraph – LA Unlimited Tacos
  • Rivers Javier – Houston Spies

Hold onto your hats, Agents. The weather remains wimdy.

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