Pre-Season 12: Reviewing the Trial and mentioning the Coffee Cup.

Welcome back, Agents. Blaseball will be reactivating on what the Material Plane calls March 1. If you have been in deep cover or have not been following events during the siesta, here are some of the highlights:

Operation AGITATE EDUCATE OPERATE – our union training initiative – has been such a stunning success that we are inducting new agents from across Blaseball to help run future events. Follow the Bureau of Unity @SpiesOrganise on Twitter for updates. The next training will be held on April 10.

There has been a Trial. Despite math being banned from the courtroom, we still won – Eat The Rich has been reinstated. Eating will not take place until the end of season 12, so if you have a stockpile of coins, you have until the end of this season to spend them. If you no longer have any memory of these events, our previous debriefings about the Trial are located here and here.

The ILB’s Coffee Cup, an exhibition tournament held between many of the most popular players in Blaseball, also occurred during siesta. Most of the Spies featured on teams that were defeated in the early rounds, and Creme de Calf – containing our last known agent, Comfort Septemberish – was defeated in the semifinals. Early defeats give them more time to rest and recuperate from the horrors of Blaseball, so this agent considers that a win anyway.

Decentral Command, our Discord server, is now open to double agents posing as members of other teams. We have also updated our visitation policy for our channel in the main Blaseball Discord server: if a member of another team asks you for permission to join our channel, please announce them and get everyone else’s okay before letting them in.

Good luck and good sense to my fellow Agents. Spies win.

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